Finding a Job is a full time Job!

1, Define area of interest and experience.

2, Do market research within immediate geography on businesses involved in the area of interest.

3, Make a list of the companies you are interested in pursuing.

4, Start networking on LinkedIn with company employees, especially potential hiring managers, human resources and recruiting department professionals.

5, Start looking at companies websites and their career section.

6, visit job boards every day, set up search bots, most job boards allow to save searches and offer notification emails when a similar position is posted.

7, Apply to the job of interest and drop a line to your contacts in the company expressing your interest.

8, Avoid stating “interested” or “please see my profile” instead, send your resume in word format to the individuals with a couple of sentences expressing your interest and expertise.

Repeat steps 4 to 8 every single day, there is no silver bullet in this process. It is painful and most times one does not even receive an acknowledgement.

Remember, you only need one response, the right one!

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