How to prepare for a Job Interview!

3 min readOct 28, 2020

Job interview Preparation!

So you finally received an interview call after sending hundreds of resumes and following up with tens of people. A well prepared interview has far better chances of getting the job offer.

Do your research on the company again (hopefully initial research was conducted when resume was sent for consideration)

Now a days most companies have their websites, almost all companies have some sort of web presence, be it Facebook page, twitter, LinkedIn or other social media. Educate yourself on the company, write down pertinent information, for e.g. core business, the year company formed, information on leadership, CEO.

Read the job description again and again, understand what the employer is looking for, while your other accomplishments may be commendable, if they are not required in the job in consideration, do not invest too much of precious time on them during the interview. Highlight the skills required for the job by being prepared to talk about them in the interview. Remember, employer is only interested in the skills required for the job!

Look the Part, dress for success! It is true that first impression is very important. Employer forms an impression of an individual in the first 90 seconds of the meeting and spends the rest of the time to qualify and justify their impression. The way an individual appears, verbal and nonverbal communication plays an extremely important role. How many times we come across statements by the experts and hiring managers that they like a confident candidate, appearance and conversation are two key factors that an interviewer observes to access the confidence.

Be prepared to talk about salary, smart interviewer would bring it up. Write down the numbers, room for negotiation and the benefits desired.

Make a checklist!

· Copies of Resume

· References, professional and personal.

· Copy of Job description

· Questions to ask from the hiring manager regarding company, position and team.

· Salary information.

· Directions to the facility etc.

Plan to show up for the interview at least 15 minutes before the set time. Worst thing to do is be late in the interview. It could cost a career!